Monday, September 18, 2006

City meets country - We're off to the Brampton Fair

The Event: The Brampton Fair
The Location: Brampton Fair Grounds
The Time: 16-Sept-06
The Reason: ... we're kinda bored.

One of the hazzards of being engaged to a farmers daughter is that she notices, enjoys, and actively seeks out, country fairs. So really is no surprise that she found one in the city of Brampton.

So we went.

It was, surprsingly, good times all around. Its an amazing contrast between the city teens (Goth is a word that comes to mind) and country (hey ma, my sisters sure a-growin to be a sexy thang. Can I be a-takin' her to the prom?) boys.

We started our day by watching the horse pull. A team of horses pulled over 7250lbs of dead weight on a metal sled. Impressive, eh?

After that we walked around the midway, and played some carnival games. We played bingo, and won a prize the first game! (we selected a box of drinking glasses).

After that we went to a demolition derby. This was the first derby that I attended that did not have a car that used to belong to one of my grandfathers (no kidding!). It was an awesome show. Lots of debris, flying fluids, radiator steam explosions, and various other things that can be seen in two places... the 401, and the demo derby.