Sunday, February 26, 2012

Geocaching Adventures: Golden Ammo Can Edition

Yesterday my wife and I attended a geocaching event for the Band Of Geocachers - a fun group of cachers primarily in North and South Carolina (including yours truly), but also has many honorary international members.

During this meeting, and very much to my surprise, I was presented with a golden ammo can as a celebration of my 1000th find.

Readers of this blog may remember I hit my 1000th find while visiting my homeland of Canada over Christmas break, 2011. (if not, this may remind you:  Geocaching Adventures: Millenium Cache).  Apparently shortly afterwards planning began for the event last night.

I really couldn't ask for a more special momento to celebrate this milestone, and I am truly thankful that this group of cachers went to so much trouble for little ol' me.  I mean, its a golden ammo can with my name on it... for a cacher what could be better?

^^ Seriously, how cool is this? ^^