Saturday, April 28, 2012


Today we brought Abigail home from the hospital.

For a hospital Caldwell Memorial maternity ward was excellent.  We got good care, attentive nurses, and decent food from the cafeteria. It didn't hurt that we were the only ones on the ward for most of the time.

This afternoon, right after supper, we packed up the family and brought Abigail home for the first time.

This momentous occasion is captured in pictures below.

Abigail is still getting settled in, but everyone is now safe and sound in the confines of our little hut, and hopefully soon the house will be quiet - at least for a few hours.

First time in her car seat.  Nana (my mother) made her sweater and hat.

First ride in the car - she wasn't impressed, but calmed down when we started moving.
Bailey the wonder puppy meeting Abigail for the first time.
Asleep in her crib.