Thursday, April 26, 2012

Introducing Abigail

Our daughter arrived this morning!

She was born via planned c-section at 8:50am.  Her vital stats are:

Weight: 8lbs 13oz
Length 19 1/2 inches
Eyes: blue
Hair: brown

Other interesting information (extrapolated from existing data):
Favourite Food: milk
Favourite Beatle: Paul
Favourite letter: 7 (we're still working on letters).

Zeke (our toddler) came to meet his new sister.  It took a while, but he eventually warmed up to her, and even tickled her belly.

Both mommy and baby are doing fine.  We are expected to stay in the hospital for a couple days.  In the mean time Debbies parents are in town, and are taking care of Zeke.

I'll leave you with some more pics from our adventuresome morning.


Seegars said...

Look at Zeke! He's going to make a fine big brother! Congrats to the four of you!

idajo2 said...

Abigail is absolutely beautiful! How blessed that baby girl is to be born into a family with wonderful parents, grandparents and a big brother who will love her beyond measure.

Heartfelt congratulations to the Dave and Debbie DeBaeremaeker Clan . . all FOUR of you!

coline said...

She's out!! (and apparently adjusting well to her new little life)! Love the pics! So happy for you!! (and so glad to finally meet you yesterday!)

George said...

How adorable! Very cute and congrats!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

What a beautiful addition to your family. God bless.

adairmd said...


Unknown said...

How did I miss this!Have I become that busy!

It's a miracle happening right before your very eyes! God Bless!

Mark Nenadov said...


Wow, Jenn and I (and Ashley) say "what a cutie". Congratulations!!

By the way, based on the third photo, I'm calling you Dr. Dave from now on :-)