Monday, June 04, 2012

And The Winner Is... Abigail.

Abigail won a Podcacher geocoin at Geowoodstock X and we didn't even know it.


It went down like this...  During registration for Geowoodstock X we were handed red plastic bags containing lanyards, flyers, and some cache containers.  I got 4 bags, because there are 4 of us in our family.  I opened up three of the bags to rescue the lanyards for our GWX name badges, however Abigail, being all of 4 weeks old, couldn't wear a name badge, so I never opened her bag.

As I was packing up our stuff to come home on the Monday I went through her bag to consolidate her stuff into our bags.  I noticed that one of the flyers, from the Podcacher podcast, had a hand written note on the back that said "Congrats!  Sonny and Sandy".

Curious as to what that meant, when I got back home I emailed Sonny and asked.  He confirmed that Abigail had won a contest, and  was supposed to have taken that flyer to their booth at GWX and pick up the prize, which was a Podcacher geocoin.  He was gracious enough to send us the coin in the mail.  The coin arrived today.

So now Abigail has her very first geocoin.  I'd like to thank Sonny and Sandy from the Podcacher Podcast for going the extra mile for my daughter to get her this awesome momento from her very first geocaching experience.  I am going to keep this in my collection until she is old enough to appreciate it.

 If you are interested in geocahing podcasts, I would encourage you to check out Sonny and Sandy's weekly show at   I now know first hand that they are great people, and they do put our an excellent show.