Friday, July 13, 2012

Aliens Have Landed In Denmark

As regular readers of my blog will know, on July 5th, 2012 I mailed out 8 geocaching travel bugs around the world to start an epic race to see which one will be returned to my town first (if you don't remember, you can catch up here.  Go ahead... we'll wait for you...)

Many of these travel bugs have already arrived at their destinations, and several of the cachers have taken pics and wrote awesome log entries for the TBs. This project is turning out to be way more fun than I ever expected it to be, and it is due to the awesome spirit of the cachers that have been helping me release these bugs.

You can keep up with the race on this status page.

 Zilveruno, a cacher in Denmark, received one of these bugs a few days ago.  Before he sent it on its way by placing it into a local cache, he took it to work.  He is a train driver, so the travel bug (Drone #6), got quite the awesome sight seeing adventure - not bad for his first time out of his space ship.


Unknown said...

This is a very cool idea! I am going to follow their progress. My money is on #7 Drone partly because it's my lucky number and I think that guy is going to move across the border and get on his way back home in a jiffy, lol! I LOVE THIS

Anonymous said...

To add some info to the trail of Drone#6, ill write some info around what Drone#6 expirensed when he was with me.
Pic 1
#6 looking at a picture of him self, while we were wating for a Green signal.
Pic 2
#6 on top of the trains dashboard, we are ready to start the trip from Hjoerring Train Station, look at him smile, he just feel that this German made train is quality.
#6 standing on the cover of the central coupling, because we mostly drive with solo trains, we have the coupling covered.
#6 in front of the speedometer. The train can go 140km/t, but is not allowed to do more than 120km/t as max speed.
Another photoshoot, this time we are in Hirtshals, getting ready to leave.
#6 looking to see if all the passangers has left the train, it was time for our break.
#6 showing the zilveruno pathtag that i gave him to bring as a token to "The Leader", i hope it will bring #6 luck, so he at some point in the future will be able to go home.

CrazyCris said...

FABULOUS!!! What a fun idea this was! I definitely plan to check in from time to time and see how they are doing!

Can you tell us which countries you sent the others to?

Ann said...

Lol what a great time the number 6 Alien has had. I am hoping one makes it to Scotland, i wondere what the chances areoif my seeing one!

Sonny Davis said...

The thing I love about Geocaching is finding so much creativity and fun. While I'm still pretty new at the game/hobby, I love reading posts like this that expand my thinking and challenge my creativity. I too will be keeping track. Thanks for the cool post.