Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Geocaching Shore Raiding Party

A month or so ago our admin at work announced that this years company picnic would be on a lake, and one of the activities would be boating.

This piqued my interest immediately, so like a good obsessed geocacher I immediately looked up caches around that lake, looking for a specific type of cache.  As luck would have it, I found one.

What was that type?  Caches on islands, of course. More specifically a cache that requires the use of a boat to get to said island.

I have always wanted to do a cache by boat, but I have never had the combination of a) access to a boat, and b) in an area that had island caches.  Today was that day.

The boats in question were 12 passenger pontoon boats, so I had to convince the other guys on the boat, most of whom are not cachers, to indulge my little obsession and let me take time to grab a cache.  They were all for it, and 4 of them, all muggles, even volunteered to join me on the hunt.

As we pulled up to the island, we dropped anchor 250ft off shore, and waded on a sandbar out to the island.  I then led my raiding party of muggle recruits 150ft inland and grabbed the cache - a nice tupperware container.  I also grabbed a geocoin as "plunder".

Armed with our booty, we then headed back out to the boat, and headed on our way around the lake, and eventually back to the dock for some tasty foods.

So that was my first cache by boat.  Found with 4 muggles. Followed by burgers and an open bar.  Best. Company Picnic. Ever.

I'll leave you with some pics of the day, starting with Abigail, who enjoyed her first boat ride ever.