Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Street View Famous

Google Street View is a project to provide 360 degree panoramic views of, well, the world.

A couple months ago we were told that a Street View car was going to drive around the office where I work (there are advantages for working for Google - heads up on Street View car drive-by's is one of them).  We all got a chance to pose as the car drove around.

Today I noticed that those images are now published, and I am officially Street View Famous.

Here is a screen shot of me on Street View. I am the bearded dude to then left of the center pillar:

You can check out the live version here:


Unknown said...

I noticed you cropped out the dude on the end with the rainbow hair. ELITIST !!!

Either that or you were just making sure you were at the centre of the picture (you know.. ego). In that case... kudos!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I didn't know you worked for Google - how cool! I'd like to hear more about your job one day.

Mark Nenadov said...

This is yet another reason why you ROCK. Good work Dave.

And they didn't even blur out your face!

Someday you are going to go to Nepal and a guy will be like "Hey, you are Dave from Lenoir, aren't you?"