Sunday, December 30, 2012


 On Friday I had travelled to Spartanburg South Carolina for a day of caching.  Just a few miles down the road is the city of Greenville.  Since I was so close to the area I decided to spend the afternoon exploring downtown Greenville, and the many promising, highly favourited geocaches it contains.

I only got to explore a small section of the city, just a short mile of Main Street. The northern end is a large Confederate cemetery from the Civil War, and the southern end is an amazing park that hosts the start of trails that run many miles through the city.

Falls Park is host to one of the most remarkable water falls I have seen, not so much for the falls themselves (tho they are very scenic), but for the large curving walking bridge that allows one to view the water from many angles.  The bridge is a work of art in its own right.  The falls are also host to an earth cache, and was the first cache that I completed in Greenville.

Main St. itself contains many sculptures, several of which are also virtual geocaches.  I cannot recall any place that I have been that has had so many virtuals - three of them at the same intersection, and another that requires walking the length of Main St. to complete.   I ended up doing a total of 8 virtuals that day.

Of course, being a southern town, it was also chocked full of history.  The most remarkable bit for me was that Joel Poinsett was the person who brought the Poinsettia plant to the US from Mexico.  A statue in his honour is one of the virtuals along Main St.

Greenville has something for every cacher. I highly recommend it as a destination town for any wandering geocacher.  I'll leave you with some more images from Greenville, starting with a tree with exposed roots that look like it comes straight from the elvish haven of Loth Lorien from Lord Of The Rings.

I also discovered that Greenville has an outdoor skating rink, which warmed my Canadian heart.  If I wasn't nursing a sprained knee I would have been tempted to rent some skates.