Thursday, March 28, 2013

My Elite New Ride

Last night I picked up my new commuting bicycle from the local bike shop +Luna Cycles.

I have been consistently commuting with my old bike for about 3 years now.  It was an entry level bike, and I put a lot of miles on it, so it has now become, according to the guys at +Luna Cycles, "used up".  I am actually kinda proud of that, as "using up" a bike doesn't seem to happen that often.

My new ride, a Specialized Source Elite is kitted out with everything a commuter needs:  rear cargo rack, dynamo hub that powers a set of lights as I ride, fenders, 27 gears, light frame, and components that are designed to take the abuse of the daily grind to and from the office.

So far I have only ridden it twice (once home from the shop, and once to the office), but it promises to be a sweet ride to get my butt to and from work for years to come.

Before I left home this morning my wifey took some action shots of me riding my new bike.   See you out on the roads!