Thursday, June 13, 2013

GoogleServe 2013: Helping Hands

Every spring Google encourages all Googlers to help improve our communities by spending a day working at a local organization.  This year the Lenoir office spent the day helping to improve a local low-cost health clinic called Helping Hands.

A lot of jobs were performed:  painting, cleaning up vines growing along the side of the building, assisting in disposal of old medication, and replacing some ceiling tiles damaged during a recent storm.

In the morning I pulled some paint duty and slung some pigmentation onto the walls (and a little onto myself).    After lunch I helped dispose of some old medication.  This is done by removing the pills from the packaging, throwing out the containers, and sending the pills to a disposal service.  This is the only time where I got to "pop pills" at work.   (These off-sites are becoming fun as the last one involved me leaving in the back of a police car).

It is a great way to spend a day. I'll leave you with some more scenes from GoogleServe 2013: Helping Hands Edition: