Thursday, August 01, 2013

Bears Go East: Retrograde Maneuver

The following events happened on July 9th, 2013 
We have reached the farthest point in our epic road trip east. That point being Corner Brook Newfoundland. So it is time to return to the mainland. This involves taking the ferry back to North Sydney Nova Scotia.

This experience is pretty much exactly the reverse of the ferry ride we took two days ago to get over to Newfoundland (it was even the exact same boat) so you can simply go read that blog post in reverse to get a sense of how our day went.

One notable exception is that we ended up grabbing a cache before we boarded the ferry, and got some nice views of the mouth of the Port Aux Basques harbour:

The Port Aux Basques terminal is closer to public roads, so I was able to grab this shot of the front of the boat (The Blue Puttees):

It was a simple day, with lots of deja-vu, so not a lot to say about the crossing.  Coming in to North Sydney we had the help of a tug boat, which I didn't notice the previous day:

Since we are half way it seemed a good time to check in with the mileage so far:

We spent the night in Sydney Nova Scotia again.  Tomorrow we're going to check out one of the most impressive road trails in the Maritime provinces. Where is that?   Stay tuned!