Monday, November 11, 2013

Lego Sculptures

This is Abigail.

She is 18 months old, and despite being life sized, is still rather short.

Behind her is a bison and her calf.  They are not life size, which is understandable given that they are not real.

They are made out of Lego.

The bison family, and many other creatures, are a part of a Lego sculpture exhibition currently going on at the North Carolina Arboretum near Asheville.

On Saturday we took the family over to the Arboretum to do some geocaching, and to check out the Lego.  The following are some shots of the lego sculptures.

Mama Bison is made out of 45,143 pieces of Lego, and the calf is a mere 16,229. 

The butterfly dominated the courtyard.  I didn't get a brick count for this guy, but he was quite large.
 The fox has 17,361 pieces, and the plucky bunny is a lighweight 1,361 pieces.
 This large dragonfly model is made up of 6,535 pieces of brick.
 This rose is about 6ft tall.
 This gardener is life sized, and has 37,497 bricks,
 This hummingbird is 31,565 pieces.
 This wasp dominated the area.  It is approximately 6ft long.
So thats it from the Lego exhibition.  Until next time, my friends, stay frosty.