Saturday, February 08, 2014

Creative Cache Containers Part IV

This is the fourth installment of my creative cache series.  All of these caches have been spotted in the wild during my various cache hunts.  I post them in hopes to inspire others to hide quality caches of their own, instead of tossing pill bottles under lamp skirts.

First off is this old apple, found in an apple tree.  The apple was made of foam.
A simple birdhouse hide.  The owl makes it art.
An electrical box attached to a pole.  This cache was out in the open.  The combination is one of the numbers on the pole.
Ye olde fake brick.  This took me a long time to find since the bricks were behind some bushes, so they were not easy to see.
The classic garden gnome.   I love seeing these guys out in the field.  It seems a much better life than guarding some garden somewhere

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Go forth and create. Make the geocaching world a more interesting place.