Saturday, November 15, 2014

Geocaching Milestone: Geocalendar Filled

It is universally true (sometimes) that if you give a geek a statistic with empty spaces, and he will do his best to fill those spaces in.  In this case that empty box was a stat on that lists every day of the year that I have found a cache.  Today, while attending an event in Charlotte,  I finally filled in all those boxes.  My geocalendar now looks like this:

I have been consciously working on this for a while now.  Two years ago I had 165 days without cache finds.  I knew I had no chance of completing in in a year - my schedule simply would not allow it, but I planned my geocaching trips to hit as many as I could.

In January of this year I looked at my progress and noticed I had knocked the empty days down to 41. So I marked those on my personal calendar, and resolved to find caches on each of those days.  Many of them fell on days I would have cached anyways, like during Geowoodstock, Going Caching, and Canadian trips. However many involved waking up really early in the morning to drive out and grab local caches (local being a misnomer as most where 10-20 miles away) that I had saved especially for that purpose.

I am now done and I can now swear off all "find a cache on this day" challenges (my least favourite kind of challenge), and get on with the business of exploring the world on my own schedule.

Have you completed your calendar? Let me know in the comments below.