Saturday, March 21, 2015

Nelson Ghost Town: The Townscape

One of the many activities planned for The Great Scavenger Meetup weekend in Las Vegas was a trip to the Nelson Ghost Town.

Located about 20 miles south east of Las Vegas in El Dorado Canyon,  Nelson was the site of the Techatticup gold mine, which dates back to 1861.

The town is now populated by a family who opens the town up as a tourist attraction.  They have filled the town full of old objects and oddities.

I have no idea how historically accurate any of the town is anymore, but it sure is a great place to practice the art of photography.

The following are some photos of the Nelson Ghost Town.

The town does look like an American Pickers inspired theme park.  Thereare way to many things to show in just one post, so the next one will be about some of the old vehicles found in the town, including the wreck of an old plane.

Stay tuned.