Saturday, March 21, 2015

Nelson Ghost Town: Vehicular Archeology Edition

One of the many activities planned for The Great Scavenger Meetup weekend in Las Vegas was a trip to the Nelson Ghost Town.

Located about 20 miles south east of Las Vegas in El Dorado Canyon,  Nelson was the site of the Techatticup gold mine, which dates back to 1861.

The town as it exists today is full of oddities.  Way too many to fit into a single post.  Last time I showed some scenes of the townscape.

This post, however, will focus on the many, many (many!) vehicles found in Nelson.

We will start with this old clunker here.
One of the many surprises in the town is a crashed plane.  This is actually a movie prop left here for the filming of the movie 3000 Miles To Graceland.
When my 5 year old son saw this next photo, he asked if those were old bugs.  When I said yes, he smacked me on the arm and said "punch bug!"
So now we know the town has interested buildings, scenery, and vehicles.  But does it have a geocache?

The answer comes in the next post.  Promise!