Sunday, June 24, 2018

Scavengers In Asheville: The High Places Of The Blue Ridge Parkway

This weekend I spent in my happy place.  That happy place is hanging out with my tribe of crazy photographers known as the Scavengers.

About 25 of us gathered from all over the US in Asheville North Carolina for a long weekend of trouble and mayhem, photographer style.

On Friday we took a trip up the Blue Ridge Parkway to some of the highest peaks this side of the Mississippi, Mount Mitchell.

I have been up Mount Mitchell many times, but this is the first time it was not socked in with fog.  Being the highest place in a mountain range known for producing a lot of mist and fog, it is often obscured by clouds.  Luckily not this time.

So we spent a bunch of time looking around, and showing the kids which direction our house was... hint - it's over there: --^
 One can drive almost to the very top of Mount Mitchell, so it is an easy place to access.  Our next stop in the Craggy Gardens was more of a hike - 0.7 miles of an uphill climb over rough rocky terrain.
However the view from the top was incredible.
I was surprised the kids made it up well before I did.  I arrived at the summit to find Zeke already waiting for me, at the top of the world.
As is my nature, I grabbed some toys from my pack and started taking photos.   Some strangers started commenting on how cool it was (personal affirmation:  I am cool) and asked to take photos as well.  Spreading the art of Toy Photography one hike at a time!

After we got back to the car we drove back to town for some lunch, and some more urban-based hi-jinx.  That evening I processed one of the photos I took from the hike, and it ended up looking like this.
Not bad for the start of a long weekend, eh?