Thursday, June 21, 2018

Building The Millennium Falcon: The Beginning

I have always liked the historical photos of large ships being built.  Perhaps you know the ones I mean, of ships like the Titanic under construction in Northern Ireland. (If not, click here)

So as some of find regular readers of this very fine blog may recall, I have recently come into possession of the largest LEGO kit ever put up for retail sale. A full minifig scale model of the Millennium Falcon.

Building that will be a project in itself, and it will lead to more photographic projects.  However I wanted to capture the building of the Falcon itself - not in time-lapse or anything mundane like that, but rather in the style of those old timey photos of the gigantic ships of old.

This new series is what this project is about.  As I build the Falcon I am going to be taking said photos, and posting them here.

To kick it off, like all building projects, we'll start by studying the blueprints.
I am going to be taking my time to build the model, and will release photos as I go.  There are 17 bags of parts, and I am on bag 3, so I suspect this will be a summer long project.  Stay tuned to this blog for updates!

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