Thursday, January 12, 2023

Shop Notes: 2023-01-12 - Dragon Quest

 Trying a new thing, keeping some shop notes to document the creative process.  Day 1.  Let's see how it goes.

I have been 3D printing a large dragon model for the past week or so, and I am only half done.  It is, by far, the most complex thing I have ever tried printing.    I am not actually sure of the dimensions of the final model, but its... sizeable.

The model comes pre-split into multiple pieces pre-sized for medium sized printers.  Well over 30 parts, tho some are duplicated - 2 types of heads, and option for open or closed wings.  Each piece takes 8-14 hours to print, and the vast majority only fit one at a time on my printers build plate.

It is going to take a while.

Over the past 3 days I printed off the 6 pieces of the open left wing: 

Those pieces still need to be cleaned up and UV cured, but it gives a sense of scale.  A rough fit indicates the single wing is over 12" long.  This means the completed dragon may be more than 30" wide (two wings + the body in the middle).

This is going to be a massive project to complete.   What the hell have I gotten myself into?