Thursday, August 24, 2006

Amusing Scenes from Taiwan

So, last Saturday I came back from Taiwan and am now getting back into my Canadian life. Debbie surprised me by meeting me at the airport - this might not seem so amazing, but she does live over an hour away, and I landed at 6AM - she bought me a maple dipped donut, and did some grocery shopping for me. She's the awesomest.

Anyways, before I begin to wax romantic about how much she rules (and its a lot, much more than Chuck Norris, tho her round-house-kicks-to-the-face needs work...) I shall sum up my trip by showing some amusing pictures.

An actual sign, in an actual store in Danshui.

One of the guys needed cash, so he went to a bank machine. As he put in his bank card & started pressing buttons, the machine rebooted. We stood there as we watched it reboot, come up, and reboot again. (it runs MS DOS, if your interested). He never did get his card back.

Its absolutely amazing what a motivated person can fit onto a scooter.

I wonder what kind of gas it is.

So, that is my trip to Taiwan.