Monday, August 28, 2006


Sunday afternoon I surpised everyone (including myself, as it turns out), and proposed to my girlfriend, Debbie. She said yes. I am getting married!


So, to answer the most common questions:
q: Have you set a date yet?
a: Nope, but we are looking at June, 2007

q: Where are you going on your honeymoon?
a: Dunno, but I can't see how it matters, since I will be with her.

q: How did you propose?
a: Well, I am glad you asked, since it allows me to tell you a story...

Lets go back in time, shall we?

Debbie and I have been talking about marriage for a while. So building the element of surprise into the proposal was going to be a challenge. The opportunity arose when I made plans to go visit my buddy, Justin, on Labour Day weekend. I got him to back up a story where we (Debbie and I) were going to head to Kingston Sunday afternoon. However, I planned on "missing" an exit and heading downtown instead... wine and dine her at the CN Tower, then propose on the observation deck. I figured all this out while in Taiwan.

When I came home from Taiwan, I spent the most wonderful day with Debbie. It confirmed everything I thought to be true about what a special person she is, and how perfectly we fit into each others lives. The next morning, I was standing outside the jewellry store, waiting for them to open so I could buy the ring. I had to get it resized, so on Friday I picked it up. Saturday night I got her fathers permission to ask for her hand. I was all ready. I was set. It was all falling into place.

One problem. I didn't want to wait. I mean, could you wait?

So, Saturday night I coyly mentioned that I wanted to go for a walk by the water (I always wanted to propose while looking out over a large body of water). She mentioned a place along Lake Erie, with a pier and a lighthouse. Perfect, I thought to myself.

The next day, I drove to the pier, and walked, with my sweetheart, to the end where we found a pile of rocks. We sat and talked for a few moments about our future, then I asked her "What do you think if we got engaged while on Vacation in October?" She said "I wouldn't be surprised". So I asked "what if we got engaged next weekend". She replied "I'd be more surprised". Then I asked, "What if we got engaged right now?", and pulled the ring out of my pocket. She then proceeded to hug me harder than I ever have been hugged before :)

Mission accomplished. She was surprised, we were engaged, and I have never been happier or more excited in my life.

I don't think she's stopped smiling since then. I know I haven't.


Mark Nenadov said...

Wow! Thats awesome Dave. Congratulations! Ι wish you and Debbie all the best.

Mark Nenadov said...

Wow! Thats awesome Dave. Congratulations! Ι wish you and Debbie all the best.

Marian said...

Dave - Love the comments re: engagement. I'm sure you will have trouble competing with your soon to be father-in-law for the most romantic guy in the family!! Congratulations and it'll be fun getting to know you better.

Marian (you don't have to call me Aunt!)

James said...

Congratulations Dave and Debbie, All the best to you guys.

Sean said...

Congratulations Dave!

I love that ring too!

Hopefully I'll get to meet the lucky bride to be sometime in the future (perhaps playing pool and having a beer or two?).