Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A.J. Jacobs' year of living biblically

Fascinating TED talk about a guy who spent a year literally following all of the  rules of the Bible.  Fantastically awesome stuff.

Note: If the embedded video does not work for you, you can view it directly on the TED site here:  I'd skip reading the comments tho - lot of nut jobs commenting on this talk :)   As a side note it never ceases to amaze me the level of immature baseless debate goes on whenever the subject of the Bible comes up, especially in a situation like this talk where things are discussed almost clinically and without any judgement or mocking of any kind.   Now I am a person of faith and I take it very seriously, however if you cannot laugh at something like this and take it for the light hearted tone that it is, regardless of where you fall on the scale of atheist to Billy Graham, then you seriously need to start re-examining your life, but I digress.