Friday, August 13, 2010

Lettuce Be

I have always wondered if people are vegetarians because they love animals or if they hate plants. This video has gone a long way towards cementing my views on the whole herbivore/carnivore debate (ignore the mullets - fashion was not kind to Canadian comedic folk singers in the 90's). So without further ado, I and the good people of YouTube present to you fine Internet based citizens an argument against vegetarianism (in song!)...

... so save those spuds and eat a cow instead. While we're at it, lets give mad props to our tasty bovine friends...

... and remember folks, it is not a meal unless a cow has died. (they like it, gives them purpose in life - I know, I have asked several of them. They all said "mah-ooo", which is cow-talk for "dude, you're gonna love this ribeye I got growin' up over here".)

Note: this post is what happens when my wife leaves me alone at night with an Internet connection and a fridge full of beer. Blame her... (love you, honey!)

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  1. I love these songs and I love you too :)