Friday, November 19, 2010

Downtown Christmas Tree Lights

"What is up with this chubby clown? 
He is WAY to jolly for my tastes.
Seriously, is this guy for real?"
"I'm getting coal!?!"
  This afternoon the kids in the area got together to decorate Christmas trees in downtown Lenoir.   Each group of kids had one tree to dress up, and they used themes from their various clubs and organizations.  For example, one theme was renewable energy, another was kids dreams, and one was technology.

The trees were, for the most part, fairly creative and interesting.  The town also booked Santa Claus to take pictures with the kids, and they provided free hot chocolate.

We took Zeke on a field trip to check out the scene, and to get a surprise visit with Santa.  This is the first time Zeke has had a chance to meet the jolly fat man from the far north, and I don't think he made a friend.  Maybe he will change his mind when he sees what is under the tree on the 25th.  It is never to early to buy a kids love.