Tuesday, December 21, 2010

New Roof

Removing the Christmas Lights

We knew that when we bought the house we'd have to replace the roof in a few years. A few weeks ago while I was in California my wife let me know that we had a leak in the kitchen... crap.  Time for a new roof!

After calling around various roofers in the area we settled on a local contractor called Superior Design Construction.  Over the past two days they have been putting on a new roof.

Naked Roof
They seemed to do a fantastic job of it, from what I can tell as a construction novice.  They started by carefully removing our Christmas lights, then stripping the old shingles off of the roof, checking the wood underneath for damage (replacing a couple boards in the process), securing our gutters which were starting to fall off, install an new ridge vent and flashing around everything that needed flashing, and then reshingle the entire roof.  Once done they rehung our Christmas lights and did an awesome job cleaning the yard.

When they left you couldn't tell that they had been there, aside from the new shingles and the rehung gutters.   The house is looking pretty good now - at least from the gutters on up :)

For more pics check out my wifes blog here.
Job Complete.