Sunday, December 19, 2010

Escape From Hibriten Mountain

For anyone who has been to Lenoir you will most likely have noticed the highest peak in the area to the east of town.  It has an array of cell towers visible on it during the day, and an illuminated star at night during Christmas, or a cross during Easter.  That peak is called Hibriten Mountain.  Today I climbed up the mountain and returned to tell the tale.

Hibriten Mountain is 1000ft higher than the surrounding terrain.  To get to the top one can hike along a private gravel road that is 2.5 miles long.  It is essentially a long up hill climb the entire way - the upside being its a downward walk the entire way back.  The reward (besides being able to say I climbed a mountain today) are some absolutely amazing views of Lenoir and the surrounding area. 
 Just before I started back down I ran into a hiking club that came up the mountain to see the sunset.  I talked with them for a bit, posed for some pictures, and hiked down with the group.  It was an interesting experience that I didn't expect - meeting 15 people, some of who recognized me from about town, on the top of a mountain.  It was kinda cool :)

If you have been reading my blog you may have guessed that there is a geocache at the top of the mountain, and you would be correct in assuming that was part of my motivation for doing this hike.  Unfortunately I didn't find it, but in my defense I only had 10 minutes of daylight once I hit the summit.  This was a fun hike, and very close to home so I plan on returning many times more to walk the dogs, and to find that freakin' cache!