Saturday, May 07, 2011

Bears Across America: The Mighty Mississippi

Sunday, April 17th was the second day of our epic adventure across America to check out the west.   We will eventually explore the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas and parts of Colorado, but first we need to get there.

Todays adventure got us a little closer as we headed from Birmingham Alabama to Vicksburg Mississippi.  This is one of the shortest travel days we have planned, 4.5 hours in total, so we took some extra time to do some geocaching.

We started the day finding a few caches in Birmingham, then we pointed the car westward.  A couple hours later we stopped off at Bonita Lake Park to eat lunch.

We of course found some caches there too.  This was my first cache in Mississippi, and it completed a personal goal of finding a caching in 50% of the lower 48 states while I am living in the US.  I've since amended my goal to include all 48 states, many of which I will complete during the remainder of this adventure.

After lunch we continued west and cached at the Clinton Community Nature Center where we found a tree that resembles an elephants head.  I also found a cache that was built into a bird decoy shaped like a dove.  It was simply resting in a tree.

We also did a cache at the Woodrow Wilson bridge in Jackson MS.  I am a distant relative of his so I tend to be interested in all things Woodrow.

We eventually made our way to our destination of Vicksburg Mississippi, which is located right on the edge of the Mississippi River, and the border to Louisiana.

We ate supper at a park overlooking the river, and did some site seeing.  Vicksburg is a really pretty town.

We ended our day by viewing the sunset over the river, and finally heading back to the hotel to bunk down for the night.

Day two was another excellent day of exploration, and the kid is still hanging in there, and travels very well.

It is time to sign off for this post, but come back tomorrow to hear about the next leg of our adventure, which will take us to Arkansas.