Monday, August 06, 2012

Tell Me A Story: Travel Bug Edition

There was a package waiting for me in my mailbox today. Inside was a travel bug, but not just any ordinary bug. This one is a story collector.

The travel bug is called "Tell Me A Story (TB4RM7P)", and is a creation of a cacher from the UK who goes by the name Luminesence.  I had asked her to release an Alien TB in the UK (details here), and she had asked me if I would release her TB in the US for her in return.  Naturally I agreed.

The travel bug's mission is best explained in its online description:

"The goal/object of this travel bug is to share stories with each other. We all have stories to tell, whether they are about Geocaching, travelling or our home lives.

I am the main author of our families blog, geocachingwithgeokids, where we share our stories with anyone who wants to read them. It was through writing this blog that I decided I wanted to learn more about other Cachers experiences from around the globe. 

So please write your stories within its pages... "

The book has already collected a couple stories from UK cachers, and has now been passed to my care.  I will add my story to its pages, then send the book onto the next stage of its journey.

Being passed from geocacher to geocacher, it will collect stories and lore from the trails along the way.  When filled, it will be a unique insight into the mind of geocachers everywhere.  Rather cool if you ask me.

So... what will your story be?