Saturday, October 27, 2012

Ye Olde Ren Faire

Today we took a trip to the local Renaissance Faire near Huntersville NC.

Around Halloween the local faire has trick-or-treating for the kids (and occasionally the adults...). Zeke loved it last year, so we made it a point to go again this year.  He spent the day carrying a shark bucket around, practicing his trick-or-treating, and his thank you's.  Once he got over the stunned "what the heck is this place?" reaction he did quite well.

We all went in (very) simple costumes. Zeke was dressed as Mr. Bruce Wayne, aka Batman.  Debbie went as a pumpkin.  Abigail dressed as a puppy in the morning, and a black cat when it got warmer.

I, of course, went as the Energizer bunny by installing pink bunny ears on my geocaching hat (I even went caching with that hat on, just to confuse the muggles).

We all had a blast at the faire, and Zeke loved trick-or-treating.  We all loved the costumes, and the jousting, and the music.  It was a good time had by all.

I'll leave you with some pics from the day, starting with one of the oddest costumes I saw:

Guiness:  Proof that God does exist, and he loves us.

Some sort of wood nymph/faery person.  She never spoke, but her acting was amazingly expressive.

And now to the joust! We liked the first joust so much we caught another one before we left for the day.

Celtish band - sounded heavy metal with bagpipes... I bought one of their albums.