Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Mice On Main

Often what makes the difference between something being merely good, and something being awesome, is the little things. Those small quirky bits that bring out the personality in a place.

This is why I am happy to report to you that Greenville South Carolina is infested with mice.

You may think I am kidding.

I am not.

Along a 5 block stretch of Main St South are hidden 9 life sized statues of mice.  They were placed there as part of a high school project in 2000, and inspired from the book Goodnight Moon.  Each one has a name, and they are: Mr. Mickey, Mrs. Minnie, Milkey, Mickey Jr., Miss Minnie, Melissa, Mitch, Mifflin, and Uncle Miles.

I found out about the mice since there is a virtual cache (GC79D5) that requires the finding of one of these mice.  So when I was exploring Greenville a few days ago I located most of the mice, Milkey was unavailable due to construction, and I assume he took a vacation in the Caymans until the dust settles - luckily he was not the mouse I needed to find.

Some of these mice are easy to find, and some are in rather unexpected places.

I found out later than there is actually a bonus 10th mouse on the statue of General Greene (near the newspaper office a couple blocks to the south). I took a pic of that statue, and can see the mouse, but its not a good enough shot to post it here.

If you are ever in Greenville, I highly recommend stopping by Main St. and seeing if you can prove your mousey worth and find all of the Mice on Main.

To help you out, here are some more pics of the little rodents: