Thursday, January 03, 2013


Last week our area received a lot of rain and some strong winds.  As a result we had a 60ft pine tree fall in our back yard, taking out my back chain-link fence, and filling it with that nice fallen murdered pine tree scent.

Today we had our landscapers come out and remove the dead tree.  While they were here we also got them to drop a mostly-dead poplar that was uncomfortably close to the house.

The poplar was so rotten that when it hit the ground it shattered. Luckily for you fine folks, I took a video:

As you can see it didn't quite fall exactly where expected, but it did make a most satisfying thud when it hit the ground.

Here are some more photos, starting with a before shot, and then the aftermath of a shattered tree. It is a good thing we fell it when we did. It was just a matter of time before it fell, and likely on top of my bedroom (between you and me, I frown on poplar trees sharing the bed with me and my wife).

 This explains all the bees we had this summer. I never could find that nest...