Sunday, March 24, 2013

Rain, Rain, Come Again.

I do my very best to never let the weather be a factor in deciding when I go geocaching.

I often see cachers mention in online posts that they didn't go out caching because of the weather. A good rain seems to keep many folks indoors.

Not me. I love caching in the rain.  It has many hidden benefits, including:

- Muggles tend to stay indoors, so they are not around to interrupt your finds.

- Almost zero chance of dehydration.

- A sense of satisfaction that you
didn't let mother nature keep you down.

Being in the rain, or snow, is like being in touch with nature when it is at its most interesting.  Water dripping off leaves,  splashes of drops hitting puddles, the rush of water as steams flow faster, and the heavy air drowning out the man made sounds of the world.  It can be down right peaceful at times.

This is especially true of snow.  If you have never been out in the woods with a heavy snowfall of large fluffy flakes, and experienced the quiet solitude, and the sight of the world turning white, you have missed out on one of the most beautiful and peaceful experiences Mother Nature has to offer.

Now I would never suggest that someone goes out in a dangerous storms, and I do take slippery and muddy conditions into account when I select the caches I do in the rain (I avoid the tricky climbs for example), but I try my hardest to go out and find some adventures anyway.

I would urge you to do the same.  You just may find that you discover a hidden gem of nature, or at least a muggle free park to cache in.