Saturday, April 06, 2013

Yardwork Season Opener

Spring has officially arrived.

 Do you know how I know?  Today is the first day this year that I got to mow the entire lawn.

Yes, every week from here until November-ish, I will be out mowing my back yard instead of doing fun things like geocaching, or clipping my toe nails, or... pretty much anything else.

Ok, fine, lawn mowing isn't the worst thing in the world (that would be watching someone clip their toe nails), but it does mean I got to walk every inch of my back yard. It is 2.56 miles of walking to mow my lawn so at least I got a hike (of every decreasing concentric circles) in.

After the lawn mowing I put some more dirt into my raised vegetable beds in preparation for the seedlings in a few weeks, which are currently just starting to sprout in a little tray in my living room window.

To commemorate the start of yardwork season, I'll leave you with some photos of the day.  Starting with Zeke helping daddy mow.

Abigail getting in on some of the action.

Zekey helping Daddy rake in some of the new dirt.
 Not surprisingly, Zeke loves to play in the dirt.