Wednesday, January 15, 2014


My blog has hit a bit of a milestone.  Today I hit 100,000 page views, which I think is pretty awesome considering this blog is basically just a personal diary I started because my wife (then fiancĂ©) told me to.

I don't do any marketing, aside from posting things to my G+ account, so all of these page views are from folks who have stumbled across my path.

So this means that stuff I wrote has been read 100,000 times by... people (I suspect 99,990 of these page views are from my wife, and 9 from my mother-in-law.  If the other one is you - thanks!). On the other hand, they say on the Internet no one can tell if you are a dog, so if you are a dog and are reading this... squirrel!

So to all you fine folks who have faithfully visited this blog in the past, and especially those who have commented, thanks for reading! I do appreciate it (tho it does beg the question: what the heck is wrong with you? :)