Monday, February 24, 2014

South Fork Rail Trail

On Sunday I headed over to Lincoln County NC to do some geocaching.

While I was there I ran across the South Fork Rail Trail, which is a member of the Carolina Thread Trails project.

At just 0.8 miles this is a very short, but well groomed trail.  It runs along the southern fork of the Catawba river, so it has some beautiful scenery.

It is also home to two geocaches, which is what brought me here in the first place.

The rest of this post is a small taste of what the trail is like, starting wit the trail itself:

The river is large and fast flowing:

The main feature of the trail is this amazing waterfall, which looks main made.  I believe there is an old mill across the river from here.

It is a short and easy trail, but I enjoyed it.  If you get a chance, I recommend getting out of the house and exploring this, or any of the other thread trails in North and South Carolina. You never know what interesting gems you'll discover.