Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Geobike Of Destiny

Frequent readers of this blog will remember that I tend to bike a fair bit.  I am also a geocacher.  Over the past little while I have been working on kitting out my mountain bike to be a better ride for geocache trips.  You've likely seen it in various forms in other posts on this blog.  Lately I've added a few additional features.

I took it out for a test hunt this morning and it seemed to work great. So I am ready to unveil my completed geocaching bike.  I present to you... the Geobike of Destiny:

The bike is a Specialized Hardrock mountain bike. The mountain bike isn't as fast as my commuter bike, but the fat, knobby tires allow me to go offroad, which is a requirement for geocaching.  I've already taken it down some trails, and across fields, with great success.

Some of the features I've added are:

A) A GPS mount for my eTrex 30, by RAM. It is on a swivel mount so I can position it perfectly while I am riding, and it is an easy on/off so I can transition from rider to pedestrian quickly.

B) Two bottle cages, so I can carry extra water for those longer cache trips

C) A trackable tag.  Wouldn't be a geocaching vehicle if it wasn't trackable.

D) A seat post mounted rack.  I'll be able to mount various trunk bags and panniers on this so I can carry even more water and supplies for those all day cache runs. 

E) Kick stand.  One of the more annoying things when using this bike for caching is that I had to find something to lean it against.  Now I can stop anywhere and not have to worry about it.

So that is the bike.  I expect a lot of good adventures to come from this kitted out ride.  If you see it on the trails, feel free to discover it.