Sunday, April 19, 2015

Avian Landlords 0x03

In the bushes right outside my living room window, a pair of cardinals have made a nest.  I have started capturing their progress, and posted the photos here.  You can see the rest of the series by clicking this link:  Avian Landlords.

Today proved to be more interesting.  Yesterday, being the first day, the parents did not return to the nest the entire time the camera was set up.  Today they seem to be getting used to the camera as I saw both the mother and (briefly) the father.

The first shots were of the chicks sleeping in the nest.

This was the brief shot I got of the father (you can see some of his red feathers at the very top of the nest).  He likes to stay on the sides, and out of the nest.  He also doesn't stick around very long, so he is rather camera shy.

When the chicks are not sleeping, they have their beaks open, waiting for food (I presume - I am not an ornithologist)
This may be a shot of a feeding,  but I am not sure.  You can see mama's beak hovering over one of the chicks.
This is mama, sitting on the nest.   I assume its for warmth, but it is raining today, so I also think she is spending some of her time sheltering the chicks from the cold rain.
One last shot of mama hanging out on the nest.
Finally, thanks to #AutoAwesome, you can get a time-lapse-esque feel og the activity on the nest today.
I hope to have more photos of the chicks up in the next day or two, so stay tuned!