Friday, May 15, 2015

Arriving in Frankfurt

I left Charlotte North Carolina at 4:35PM, and it was bright and sunny out.  I dozed off on the plane, and woke up to this marvelous sight, just over the UK:

It took all night (luckily I was headed east at 550MPH, so it was a short night) but my plane finally landed in Frankfurt Germany.

Passport control was easy - the guard just looked at my passport, stamped it, and waved me on.  Didn't even ask me any questions.  If I didn't say my customary "Hello" no words would have been exchanged.  Kinda fortunate too, because I neglected to learn how to say "geocaching" in German :)

So now I am off to find the Regionalbanhof (i.e. local train station) so I can find my way to my ultimate destination in Mainz Germany, so I can check into my hotel, then get to the business of exploration, and geocaching.

Stay tuned!