Saturday, May 07, 2016

Sportsball: The Sportsening

Anyone who knows me knows that I am not a super sporty fellow.  I mean, I'll take in the occaisional like hockey game, or watch something on TV if the opportunity presents itself, but when it comes to being a true sportsball fan, I am not counted amongst them.

So when I had the opportunity last week to shoot a corportate sporting event, I took it as an opportunity to stretch my photographic chops.

The event brings together teams from the 7 datacenters in our area, and we spend the day playing field games against each other - just for fun.

Sports offers the chance to practice catching peak action, telling the story of a game, and generally being johnny on the spot.  I definitely look a lot oft those types of photos.

I also tried to take some more artistic style shots.  I only got a few of those (sportsy photography is hard, yo), but I present them here for your amusement.  The sport in question was a kickball tournament.

Go sportsball team!