Friday, June 24, 2016

Rockin' 'Frisco Part 4

So this story has been all about how.
My life got flipped, turned upside down.
I'll just take a minute, so sit right there.
I'll tell you how I became a tourist
In a town called... um... San Francisco.

So frequent readers of my blog will know that I am a Scavenger, that is a regular in the Chrysta Rae Photography Scavenger Hunt (if you are not a regular, and just say "what the f-", let me first say this is a family blog, please watch your language, and you can catch up with the awesomeness that is a click of Scavengers here.)

So while I was in San Francisco I hung out with some local Scavengers for an evening.  We started in China Town, where one was almost immediately recruited into a band.

Then we walked around China town, checking out the interesting architecture...
... and murals.
We also grabbed some chinese food (some of the best I've ever had!)

After vittles we drove up to Coit Tower to take a look.  Coit Tower is on one of, perhaps the, highest peak in the city, so I enjoyed checking out the views of the cityscapes:
... and Coit Tower itself, all resplendent in blue.
After all of this exploring it was getting late, so they dropped me off downtown near the office.

We did stop for one last group photo.
 After that I headed into the office to check out the views from the 7th floor balcony.  Not a bad view, eh?
So that was my time spent in San Francisco with the Scavengers.

My time here is almost up, but there is one last small adventure before I fly home.  Stay tuned.