Thursday, September 15, 2016

CRAM: The Worlds Worst Tour Of The West Edmonton Mall

This is Plan B.

Our road trip so far has taken us to Edmonton Alberta. Plan A for today was to visit a friends funky studio and shoot some models, and other studio type deals.  However due to circumstances beyond anyones control, Plan A became untenable.

So we switched to Plan B.

Plan B is spending a couple days at the largest mall in North America, the West Edmonton Mall, and stay a couple nights in the hotel attached to the mall: Fantasyland.

So grab a Timmies and come along on the absolute worst tour of the West Edmonton Mall anyone can possibly imagine.

So first things first.  FantasyLand hotel is attached to the mall, this means we didn't need to get into our car all day - which is awesome for a road trip, right?  I have zero pictures of FantasyLand, which goes to prove my assertion that this is the worst tour ever.

The West Edmonton Mall is more than stores - tho it has 220 of the money sucking retail establishments.  It also has a full size hockey rink.
 And a pirate ship.
And a whole mini-golf course.
And a Debbie (tho she is not for sale - sorry fellas, I got the last one).
We met up with some Scavenger friends to check out the mall.  They went skating.  True story.
The mall boasts a massive water park, and a large amusement park (with a few huge roller coasters).  I don't have pictures of those either, of course.

It does have an aquarium, including sea lions.
Bonus: this tour includes a close up of a sea lion:
The sea lion is also not for sale.

So we spent the entire day at the mall, doing retail, eating foodstuffs, and generally making a consumer nuisance of ourselves.  We absolutely did not put any time into creating an awesome tour.

To distract you from that, here is a Lambourghini (ooh, aah).
So there you have it.  The worlds worst tour of the West Edmonton Mall.  I hope you enjoyed it.

Today was obviously a down day on the grand tour we've been on.  It is important every once and a while to take a day just to relax and be in one place, even on an epic road trip.

Tomorrow we're on the road again, heading up into the Rocky Mountains to Canmore to start the main event of this roadshow: CRAM.

See ya then.