Saturday, December 30, 2017

The 20th Round Of The Chrysta Rae Photography Scavenger Hunt

More catchup for Scavenger Hunt posts. This one is my entries for the 20th round of the Chrysta Rae Photography Scavenger Hunt over on Google Plus.  This hunt happened over the summer of 2017.


This round was notable for the many ways I used to create mist/snow/rain type atmospheric effects.  In this case it was by using an actual can of bronze-y coloured spray paint.


This entry got a second place nod by one of the judges.


The rain was created with a spray bottle full of water. This shot got an honorable mention.




The snowy atmosphere here was created by using flour.  This shot got a Dream Team mention, an honorable mention, and a third place nod.

Zig Zag

The mist here was created using dry ice.  This image also got a first place nod.