Saturday, January 20, 2018

Toy Photography Blogging

If you are a fan of  toy photographer, you may be interested in this kick-ass blog called

I know it is kick-ass because some amazing toy photographers contribute to the blog.  I know you'll like it because I am also now contributing to the blog on a regular basis - I'll leave the kick-ass designation for Yours Truly as an exercise for you, the reader.

Today they published a review of a LEGO set I wrote with help from my son, Zeke.  It is a review of the LEGO Star Wars set based on Luke Skywalker's island called Ahch-To.  You can check out the post here: Review: Ahch-To Island Training.

I am also working on a series of posts called The Foundation Series. It centers on insights I've gained during my artistic journey so far, both philosophical and practical.  Hopefully others can benefit from them and help them along their own personal journeys.  The first post in that series can be found here: The Foundation Series: A Journey Begins.   New posts will drop approximately once a month.

I'll link to any posts I write for from this blog so if all you are interested in is the stuff I contribute, stay tuned here and you won't miss a thing.  However there really is some great stuff over there from everyone, so I suggest you follow them directly.