Friday, May 04, 2018

May The Brunch Be With You

One of the perks of working for Google is that we are provided free food.  At my office, which is a smaller location, we get breakfast and lunch 5 days a week.

Its not just food tho, it is really good food. Prepared by an amazing, top notch, kitchen staff.  Nutritionally balanced, quality ingredients, and talented chefs.

Today they went above and beyond for the classic geek holiday, May The 4th - aka Star Wars Day.  They cooked up an amazingly tasty brunch with a Star Wars theme - Ham Solo Eggs Benedict, Jed-eye steak, Princess Leia Cinnamon Buns etc.

The image on the left is one of our chefs, Jordan, who had just prepared my breakfast.  (Well, first breakfast.  I did some genre hopping and went all Hobbit today and had second breakfast as well).

Yesterday, when I found out that brunch was going to be served, and what the menu was going to be, I got inspired to create an art piece for the food team.  I worked out the details in my head while biking home, and hit my studio right after kids bed time.

I cooked up the following image:

I printed off a print - 13x19, the largest my home printer can produce - and presented it to the food staff this morning.  Early reports indicate they loved it, and are getting it framed.  Score.

Turns out the way to get art out of me is to feed me first.  Not a bad way to go, really.