Wednesday, May 16, 2018


Quick quiz, hot shot!

There is a LEGO model in a blank cardboard box.

The box is in the hands of a crazy man who takes photos of LEGO.

What do you do?

What. Do. You. Do?

Well, if you are that crazy man, you buy it, and let it sit in your basement for a while until you are ready to really enjoy it.


But, what is in the box?

Well, this:

That, my friends, is a minifig-scale Millennium Falcon.

If you have been following me for a while you may remember that I already have a Millennium Falcom model, and I took some photos with it.  This is true, but its not big enough.  The existing Falcon model is not minifig scale.  When trying to take photos with it I was continually frustrated with the fact that a minifig could not stand underneath it (or on the ramp), and the cockpit couldn't support two minifigs side by side.

As soon as I saw this one I knew I wanted it.  Being minifig scale means all of the issues I had with the other model are solved.

Of course, being minifig scale means the set is huge.  In fact its the largest model LEGO has ever produced for retail sale. 7541 pieces (nope thats not a model number, thats seven thousand five hundred forty one pieces).  The finished model will be just under 3ft by 2ft.  Huge.

When it came out back in September 2017 it sold out almost immediately.  I wasn't fast enough to get one, so I had to wait for them to make more.  In January I finally got my hands on one.  At the time I wasn't ready for such a project.  That all changed last weekend when I unveiled it to the family.

My kids were thrilled:
So now I have this model.  It is going to be a project in itself just to build it. Then it will be a prop in photography projects.

Of course, me being me, I decided to make a photography project while I am building it.

So, what it is, is, essentially, a photography project about a build project for another photography projects.  Thats projects cubed!

This is an extravagant model, but it is a model that keeps on giving.

Stay tuned for results from the first photography project, coming to a blog near you in the near term.

Until then, I need to study the build instructions. It is a thick book.  A very thick book.