Friday, May 26, 2023

Shop Notes: 2023-05-26 - Wizard Staff Progress.

 Progress on my life-size Gandalf staff is being made.  I have all the pieces 3D printed, and (mostly) assembled into a staff-like structure.  Last night I added some additional texture with a Dremel cutting disc. then primed it using a spray can of Krylon's finest matte black.

This morning I assembled the staff head, including adding in a light I scavenged from an old Manfrotto LED light that I never use. Now it powers the magic.   Not a bad upgrade for what is otherwise an unused piece of lighting kit.

I will let the glue dry while I am at work.  Then its a matter of sanding down some seams, touching up the primer on spots that got sanded, then I can start painting this sucker up!