Sunday, July 15, 2012

Contest: Name That GeoBaby

Already on the hunt...
Note: contest is now over, and the winner is in!

<-- This is my daughter Abigail.  She was born into a caching family.  She needs a caching name.  Can you help?

Unlike her older brother, Tonka Tyke, Abigail is too young to find containers in the woods, but she has already attended 3 geocaching events (including Geowoodstock X, and a flash mob!).   I am using her account to keep track of the geocaching events she attends until she is old enough to find some physical caches on her own.

She does, however, need a better caching name.  I have been using the name A Big Alien (for reasons best explained here).  However she is going to need a better one, and I need ideas.  This is where the contest comes in.

The contest is simple:  Suggest a geocaching name, and get put into a drawing.  On August 1, 2012 I will pick a name at random from all those that entered.  The winner will receive a prize.

Ye Olde Prize.
At this point you may be pondering: "What is this awesome and amazing prize?".  Well I am glad you asked.  What you are playing for is a hand-painted (by yours truly) geocache container, with a log book and pen.  It is a 34oz (traditional size) Lock'n'Lock tupperware container.

So, what are the rules?  They are simple:
  • Suggest a name by posting a comment on this blog. Comments on G+, or any other social media will not be considered (mainly because I don't want to compile lists from multiple sources.  Yep, I am lazy, but it is my contest, so deal.).  Include with your suggestion your caching name.
  • You may enter as many names as you wish, but please just one name per comment. i.e. if you have 5 names you want to suggest, you need to make 5 comments.
  • The drawing will happen on August 1st, 2012. (or whenever I get around to it after that)  It will be a random drawing (?). 
Daddy and Abigail on the trails.
  • The winner will be contacted via their profile, so be sure to include it with every comment!
  • The contest is open to anyone with a account.  I have no affiliation with Groundspeak or This requirement is simply an easy way to be able to contact the winner. (see point about me being lazy)
  • I reserve the right to reject any names I feel are inappropriate, based entirely on how I feel at the time.  There is no guarantee I will use any of the submitted names for her caching name, but since it is a random drawing, there *will* be a winner!
  • By submitting the name, you grant me the right to use it forever, without any expectation of renumeration, or whatever other legalese I choose to add here.  
Here are some Abigail facts to give you some ideas for names:
She is Canadian by genetics, American by birthplace.  She is a North Carolina girl.  Her last name has the word "bear" in it if you pronounce it right, "beer" if you don't.   It is too soon to determine favourite sport, team, political affiliation, or book, but suggestions are welcome. Her project code name before birth was "Squid".

So put your thinking caps on and name that baby!

"You sure you want to call me that?"