Monday, July 16, 2012

The Ontario Elephant

Did you know that there is an elephant hidden in Ontario? Take a look at this map of the southern tip of Ontario... you should see that the land mass looks like an elephant standing on its head, outlined mostly by the great lakes:

See it? It helps to turn your head to the left.  If you are still not getting it, this may help:
  • Detroit (southwest corner) is the tip of the trunk.
  • Sarnia (west) is the top of his head.
  • Buffalo NY and St. Catharines ON (southeast) is the front foot .
  • Toronto and Oshawa (east) make up one of the back feet.
  • Barrie and Wasaga Beach (northeast-ish) is the second back leg
  • The tail starts at Highway 6 (upper middle), also the location of Owen Sound (not labelled).
  • And last but not least Hamilton ON (not labeled) is the armpit of Ontario (right below Burlington).