Monday, October 08, 2012

Stevens Creek And The Slough

When I was out in Mountain View California last week I spent a couple evenings exploring a fairly rugged area of the city.

 The area in question is an expanse of undeveloped land that makes up part of Shoreline Park, Stevens Creek Shoreline Nature Study Area, and the Jogel Slough. All of these areas are next to each other on the south side of San Francisco Bay.

On the Wednesday I walked around Shoreline Park and Stevens Creek, grabbing some geocachines.  Thursday night I borrowed a bike and rode out on the trails that outline the slough.

The following are some of the pictures that I shot during those two evenings.

 There is a geocache on this horse... somewhere...
 The Google offices on Crittenden Lane.
The view from the geocache at the top of this hill provides some astounding views.
 A view of the Jogel Slough.
 The tent looking structure with the two peaks is the Shoreline Amphitheater.
 The rest of these pics are animals seen while biking around the slough.  Many of these were taken at maximum zoom on my point-and-shoot camera.